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Did you know that over 25 million youths participate in competitive school sports, with sports accounting for 36% of injuries to this group? Factors for overall injury risk include violent body contact, body size, growth, state of mind, physical fitness, athlete's experience, personality, lack of skilled coaching, condition of playing field or court and the fit of safety equipment. Surprisingly, individual sports injuries are generally more severe than those in team sports, while the total number of injuries in team sports is greater.
Risk factors for orofacial injuries include age (the older, the higher the risk), gender (boys are more prone than girls) and orthodontics. The type of sports also plays a role: soccer and basketball have higher injury rates.
Properly fitted mouthguards are designed to protect the mouth from bruises and lacerations on the teeth from crown fractures, root fractures, dislocations and evulsions. Also, they protect the jaws from fractures and dislocations.
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