Sedation Dentistry = Anxiety Free Dentistry
Itís called sleep dentistry, and it may well be the greatest advance ever made towards truly pain-free and anxiety free dentistry procedures.
For a lot of people, the unpleasantness of a dental appointment isnít so much fear as it is stress from that "in-your-face" aspect of the procedure.
We all have our own sense of personal space. And when hands and tools enter the mouth, as they must, the feeling can get downright claustrophobic. Fortunately, thereís an antidote to this problem, anxiety free dentistry!
Hereís how it works: After an initial consultation with a sleep dentist youíll take a medication just before your next visit. Youíll need a friend to help transport you to and from the office safely.
When you arrive for your appointment youíll be awake, but drowsy. Most important, youíll be relaxed, anxiety free. While youíre in the chair, the sleep dentist and sleep dentistry team monitors you closely. You wonít be unconscious, youíll just enjoy a soothing mental and emotional "distance" from the goings on.
Next thing youíll know, your sleep dentist is telling you the procedure is complete and it is time to go home - thanks to anxiety free dentistry.
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